In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… Luna does not support his condition. Theresa confronts his father in him announcing his departure. Emma was hard to arouse the generosity of his colleagues at GTS. Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Plus Belle la vie broadcast tomorrow evening on France 3 ! Luna collapsed While its rehabilitation exercises were started, Luna became aware of the mountain to climb that disability represents. She had a bad fall in trying to catch a simple remote control, and gives free rein to his grief in front of his caregiver. While Babeth and Jane are passing to cheer him up with blows of biscuits and vodka, Babeth blunder by making a joke in bad taste that directly returns Luna to her paralysis. It is contained immediately and laying off its friends, who may not understand what it is going through… Theresa and Gabriel settle their accounts En route to their hiking father/daughter, Gabriel does not detract from his reputation as a man angry and explodes when Thérèse announces that it has secured a job in the English capital. It accuses him of nothing you have told earlier to Thomas and him; and, what Theresa replies that he has lied for years to his family, and that it is therefore not best placed to make a judgement. Sheepishly, Gabriel introduced him to his apology. But then they take advantage of the evening, someone is watching them in the distance… During this time, the fact of having recroisé Jordan will bring bad memories to the surface for Baptist. The young man might have things to reproach to his sister and him… Emma is paddling for the pot of Cherry In GTS, it is soon the anniversary of Cherry, who has just signed a CSD in them. Emma, full of enthusiasm, organising a pool and a small reception, but between the stinginess of his colleagues to participate in the gift, and the reluctance of Caesar to release funds to buy the champagne bio in line with the values of the box, Emma feels free. Against all odds, the people, the most generous turn out to be Cecile, who has no love for Cherry, and Jerome, who do not roll on gold.

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