You loved The Order and its fantastic creatures ? Check out five other series similar to devour on Netflix. Hemlock Grove Hemlock Grove is a fantasy series aired on Netflix in between 2013 and 2015. Both programs begin with a series of murders perpetrated… by the werewolves. Exit the scenery of the campus of The Order, Hemlock Grove wants to be much more mature and takes us quickly in its special atmosphere and fascinating. The cast, Famke Janssen (X-Men) and Bill Skarsgard (the Clown from Ca). Bitten Bitten series proposed by Syfy a few years ago, follows Elena (Laura Vandervoort), the only werewolf female in the world. This adaptation of the novels by Kelley Armstrong, Women of the Otherworld, has a small side soapesque who do dislike not the fans of The Order. In addition to the background story on the feud between the werewolves, Bitten is also centered on the love story between Elena and Clay. Gaumont International Television, Hemlock Grove Diablero Diablero, mexican series to discover exclusively on Netflix, follows the adventures of a priest, a demon hunter and his funny team in search of the daughter of the first (of what we think of Preacher). They discover a black market of strange creatures. More violent and sometimes more terrifying than The Order, Diablero offers a fantastic universe teeming. And even if the special effects catch up a bit, the series has the merit of being easily watch (8 episodes of 40 minutes). Shadowhunters In the same line of “young adults” that The Order, the adaptation of the novels The Mortal Instruments is a good alternative for those who like the stories of werewolves, witches, fairies, demons and other fantastic creatures. Shadowhunters takes us into a world sunk in the middle of the conflict between the Hunters of shadows and the creatures in the dark. The new adventures of Sabrina Because it is not only a question of werewolves in The Order. Like his hero, Jack who is trying to incorporate the secret society of the blue rose, and discovers magical powers, the young Sabrina Spellman must accept his double life. The two characters discover a new world when they integrate their respective school. But most importantly, they share the same character : they are brash, brave, and like to get things moving. Netflix BONUS : Dangerous alliance The Order can also think of many ways the film Dangerous Alliance released in 1996 in which four students with a great love of the esoteric practicing magic in a secret circle. They will use their powers for personal gain… until it turns against them. A bit like Jack.

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